The Ramadan Rush!

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan has been labeled as a season of increased consumption and shopping. Marketers need to understand how to successfully engage with their customer during this season, take advantage of the prospects and avoid marketing mistakes that could be disastrous.

That is why marketers call it the “Ramadan Rush”!

If you’re marketing in Muslim countries such as the GCC, you will be aware that:

  • Ramadan involves fasting throughout the hours of daylight
  • Working hours are reduced
  • People socialize more after sunset
  • Buying habits change drastically

Many research and surveys show that consumers increase their spending during the Holy month across various activities including food & beverages across the whole month, travel, gifting and personal shopping more towards the last part of the month.

Ooops, we are already in the middle of the month! Here are couple of  Customer Engagement tips:

  1. If you are late on your plan, don’t panic!

Better late than never applies in this case! People don’t stop buying all through the month of Ramadan, with a tendency to buy more towards the end. So don’t worry, you still have time.

The month of Ramadan has a large impact on the behavior of shoppers across the GCC. The combination of shorter working hours and the overall celebratory feeling during the holy month helps to put consumers across the middle east in shopping mindset and increased time for shopping. Unsurprisingly, these two factors combined together provide a concrete lift to shopping in the region. Continue to engage your customers with special offers, customized content, and gift ideas throughout the month. By maintaining personalized connections, you’ll stay top-of-mind when people are ready to buy something special for their loved ones.


      2. Reach People at the right time using the right channel

Since fasting customers don’t take their usual lunch break during Ramadan, you’ll need to think more carefully about when to send offers.

  • For F&B, research has shown that you could send promotional content two hours before they break their fast to attract more customers. Then wait until they break their fast before sending your next food-related reminder.
  • As for non-F&B you have to complete with all the other brands those “the mobile is my best friend” kind of hours of the day. Those would be the few hours before iftar and another window opens up around two hours after iftar.

Specific images are associated with Ramadan, such as tea pots, crescents, dates and lanterns. You’ll find the major brands using these images as a way of associating with the brand. For instance, take a look at how Pepsi took on the crescent during their Ramadan campaigns.


Many brands are taking the advantage – the key is to honor the culture and make a connection – Brands that connect, win!

About the Author:

Heba Anwar is currently the Marketing Manager in UrbanBuz, where part of her job is focusing on communication and content writing.

She is a book worm, animal lover, makeup guru and a meditation enthusiast.



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