Bert’s Cafe ups their Customer Loyalty Game

Created in 2002, Bert’s is a genuine contemporary café, with an elegant and cosy design that offers a complete and varied menu at all times of the day. Nestled in the Greens with a warm and original setting, breaking with traditional fast food catering, giving residents a place to relax and enjoy a long menu of healthy food choices.

Bert’s café’s management wanted to connect with their customers and the “neighborhood” at large in a relevant and sustainable manner. So the logical step for them was to establish a customer loyalty program that recognizes and rewards their “residents” in a personal manner.

To ensure the success of the program, management acknowledged the importance of engaging and incentivizing their staff to become the program ambassadors. After UrbanBuz launched the Bert’s Cafe loyalty program, our team worked with them on a campaign for one month where they would award staff 5 points for each customer that they sign up to the loyalty program and then at the end of the month those points would be translated to cash.



To start the campaign, Bert’s Café publicized their loyalty program on their social media channels and within the restaurant where the staff wore aprons with loyalty program messages printed on them. So there was no way that customers were going to miss that Bert’s Café had a great loyalty program.

One of the main requirements that Bert’s café asked for was that the sign up process had be very easy for both their staff and customers, so the UrbanBuz team simplified the process where customers would need to provide only a phone number to sign up after which they would get an SMS with a link to fill out their profile.

We had one training session with the staff the day before and the campaign was launched, throughout the month we monitored the proPicture1 - Copygress in real time and provided reports to management to make sure that things are going as they should and by the end of the month here’s what the results were:



Sign ups: 351 new members were signed up compared to 64 the month before.

That is a 448% growth in membership one month

Returning Customers: 212 members returned compared to 91 the month before.

That is 132% growth in returning customers in one month

The campaign was a big success and it demonstrated that with these few simple steps and with a system to back them:

  1. Engage and incentivize staff
  2. Market and publicize the program
  3. Make it easy and simple for customers to participate

A business can have a big impact on number of members and on returning members.